Christmas Music


As you may know, music is one of my favorite things, so in order to that I want to share with you my favorite Christmas albums.

I’m a big fan of Leona Lewis & Michael Bublé and as a consequence I really like their Christmas music.

So first, Leona Lewis. If you haven’t listen to her I have no idea how is that even possible, she has one of the strongest vocals in the actual music industry and she clearly can sing beautifully. This woman has real talent.

Her album is called Christmas with Love and it includes a lot of the most famous Christmas songs but obviously in her own version. She also includes her very own Christmas song “One more sleep” which is a really good song and is actually one of my favorites. Vocally, this album is great, and I mean, is Christmas music! So you should listen to it.

Now, Michael Bublé. Have you heard him? I haven’t met someone who actually hates him, I mean, everybody loves him! Even though he does a lot of covers, his own songs are amazing, and yes, his Christmas album is great too.

His album is just called Christmas, but hey, he made those songs sound really well. There’s not a year I don’t listen to his album at Christmas, my whole family loves it, and we all sing along to the Christmas melodies.

I think he did a good job with this album, and maybe this could get to be a classic someday. I recommend this a lot, you should give it a chance.

I hope you like these two albums as much as I like them!

Merry Christmas everbody!!

Much love, Lu Begali.


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