How to be fearless

Fear is always there. You can’t choose sometimes, it is just there. But fear is not always wrong. It can stop you from doing things that could make you happy or it can be your savior.

The clue is listening to your heart.

What does your heart tells you? Is it something wrong? Or is something so good that you are just too scared of being disappointed at the end, or too scared of failing. Think about it. What is it?

If the fear is in your mind, then the fear is stopping you from something that could make you happy, but if the fear is in your heart, then it’s probably saving you from something bad that could happen.

Your heart knows it well, and it could never betray you. Listen to it, and sooner it won’t be fear what you’re feeling, it will be just a sign, and then you will be fearless.

Much love,



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