Dear old friend:

Dear old friend:

Sometimes I feel like I miss you, and maybe I don’t let myself to do it.

You made me so much wrong. You were my friend, one of the closest of all, and you didn’t mind to hurt me like that.

I’ve had forgive you. I don’t wish anything bad to you, the only thing I wish is lots of learning for you. I really hope life teaches you how to treat people, I hope life teaches you that is okay to make mistakes. You are not going to be right every time, we make mistakes and that is fine.

Sometimes I hope you caught yourself remembering us being inseparable and maybe asking to yourself what happened? Maybe you already realized that you started this war, and then I continued it. I’m not playing victim, but I won’t take the blame either, because I know and will always know that I would have never done something like that to you, but I’m sorry I hurt you because I know somehow I did.

A deep side of my heart still wonders how you’re doing, it really hope you’re doing well, but most of all, it hopes you had already changed, for better and for good.

Somehow, a little part of me still loves you, and I’m not going to lie to myself, it’s fine, we were the closest friends, we had a lot of moments together.

Dear old friend, I can’t leave without saying thank you. You made me strong, you gave me one of the hardest lessons in life,not everyone you are close to is your friend, and maybe I should stop calling you now a “dear old friend” of mine.


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