Begali, the new fashion brand


I guess I’m starting with saying hello. It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote on this blog but it is because I was working in the biggest project of my life, let me tell you what this is about.

Fashion is one of the things that I love the most, creating and designing is what makes me the happiest and a year and a half ago I decided to make my dream a reality, so I started to work on it. It has been the richest journey I ever been through and finally I can see it as something real, not just as a dream.

Before I was an entrepreneur I was a consumer and there were things that made me regret buying the clothes I bought, or even I was insecure of buying because most of the stores I went were inside the fast fashion industry, that as you may know or not, is one of the worst industries in the whole world, not only because it pollutes and produces an incredible amount of waste, affecting our oceans, poor civilizations, our ground, our beautiful planet, simple as that. This industry also is responsible of exploiting people, taking advantage of very poor people and kids that have to work for hours and hours receiving as a salary less than 3 dollars a day, less than what is legal,  it’s not enough for what they do, because I need to be honest, as a fashion designer I want tell you that sewing is an art.

As well, researching I found that most of these well known brands are not the most sensible human beings while putting animal fibers from innocent animals that were being abused, they mistreat animals to get their hair, fur and leather and they rarely care if they suffer or not and even if I wasn’t vegan I decided to stop buying clothing with animal fibers.

Finally, the fibers. Did you know that most of the clothes out there is made of plastics? These materials like Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, etc. take over 200 years to decompose, polluting poor civilizations with trash that end up causing diseases to these people, who let me remind you, they are humans just as you. We don’t see this side of the industry, we just buy and get rid of it by any way we want to.

Sometimes people even donate their clothes, or sell it, for someone to reuse it but, most of the clothes we donate goes directly to the trash, and a very few percentage is actually used by someone, so donating is not enough. Fashion pollution keeps increasing.

Along with this I wanted to look for a store where I could buy “ethical” clothing, or how it is actually called: fair trade clothing. A lot of things were in my head because I didn’t just wanted it to be ethical, I wanted it to be vegan, to be cruelty free, to be a piece of clothing that would last years, not just a season or two, I wanted it to not damage the environment as well, I wanted biodegradable clothes.

I couldn’t find a store who included all of these and by a minute I thought that maybe it was impossible to have it all, but then I found something similar to what I was looking, it was just that the prices weren’t something I could afford very often, and I was sure I was not the only one.

You need to know that something in order to be Sustainable it needs to be including, not excluding, and if sustainability gets to be a luxury for the really high costs, well, then, it is not sustainable.

After a lot of researching, yes, I did find other options, but very few included some of the things that I wanted and none of them had everything I wanted, so then as a fashion designer it came to my mind that I could make what I was looking for.

So let me now introduce you to our brand. A brand I have created with love, kindness and passion. My mission is to give to the world, same as the world has given to me this whole time and I think now, as a millennial is my time to take care of it, and it’s time for all of us to take care of it too.

Begali is a sustainable, slow fashion brand. We made organic cotton clothing avoiding people to get poisoned because of the pesticides that regular cotton uses, affecting 70 million of people. Also, our cotton is softer, with better quality so each clothing piece we make will last you way too much that just regular cotton clothing.

Also, because is organic cotton you won’t have to worry if you throw this away because, when it comes together with trash, or soil and water it will start a natural process of biodegradation. So don’t worry about polluting or making more trash, it will disappear in less than 2 months. Besides, the dyes we manage are free of toxic chemicals, making everything more sustainable and better for you delicate skin.

When it comes to slow fashion, you need to know that we do not produce in massive quantities, so all of our pieces are exclusive and conscious. And as supporters of minimalism, we make fashion garments that you can combine with lots of things you already have in your closet, and that won’t be over when the trend is gone. These pieces are the softest, good for every body shape and with a great quality.

We are a fair trade brand, this means that every single person who works for us is getting a fair salary for the work that they’re doing, so every time you’re buying our clothing you’re giving someone a reason more to keep doing what they love, paying them for their work and effort.

We are a vegan, cruelty free brand. We will never use any animal fibers, no matter what, we do not support animal abuse. So if you’re vegan, or as us, you don’t want to be part of that abusement, you can always buy our clothes without worrying.

I personally want to invite you to consume more sustainable brands, to stop supporting brands if you know and you’re aware that they are damaging our people, our animals, and our world.

Feel welcome to visit and buy at Begali, we are getting started this fall with our first collection ever. You can find us in social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) as @BegaliOfficial to get the latest news and to know Begali better.

The change is made by us and we are the only ones who decide if we want to keep supporting  irresponsible brands just for cheaper prices or if you want to pay a fair salary for work that has made with love. The choice is in your hands, be sure to be one of the good ones, be sure to make Begali your next favorite brand.

Much love,