About Me


I’m Lucy, nice to meet you. Twenty years old, a dog lover and a fashion design student.

I’m actually pretty simple, I dream, work hard and get it, productivity over laziness, reading over Netflix, singing over party, salads over meat. I’m a vegetarian who is taking care of the planet and of myself. I probably love animals more than I love humans.

I drink too much water, exercise and I usually travel on summer and disappear of your life if we’re not friends.

I’m a musician and song-writer who could play guitar and sing all day long if only I could.

I meditate, dance alone, wear few makeup and sleep with socks on.

I dislike flowers, too much sugar and gossiping, so, I’m not your basic girl.

Owner and founder of by own fashion brand: Begali, that has taught me that age is just a number and I am ready to do whatever I want.

I’m still young so I still have a long way of learning right ahead me and I may be scared to be outside my comfort zone sometimes but I’m brave and I will do it anyways.

Never been drunk, never have smoked, no drugs, no vices. Too boring for you, but confident enough to not care about it.

More listening, less talking. Empathy, not selfishness. Probably stubborn and way too ambitious, but somehow it helped me get where I am.

Depressed in the past, strong in the present.

The only one I truly need is God.

And that’s who I am.


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