Brow products


Okay, so basically I’ve been using this kind of stuff to keep my eyebrows in place. I’ve been trying two different products of two different brands, which are Mac and NYX. The Mac one is the Pro Longwear waterproof brow set, and the NYX one is the Control Freak eyebrow gel.

The difference between them is that one has color and the other one is transparent, and of course the brush, the NYX one is bigger, but in fact both supposed to keep my brows in place.


Well, first I’m gonna write about Mac because I’ve been using this for a longer time than the NYX one. The Mac one is the brown one on the image, it’s smaller and it’s more expensive of course. I can’t remember the price, but I think it’s $20, maybe a little more or maybe a little less. In my case I gotta be honest, it’s a little hard to apply. It’s really pigmented which is nice but it only lasts half of my day keeping my eyebrows in place. This supposed to be waterproof and it stays in your brows even if water touch you, you can still see the product but it doesn’t keep your brows in place anymore. I need to mention that I never put a lot of this product, just a bit because I don’t consider that my eyebrows need a lot of color in them. Maybe because of this is why it doesn’t last the whole day. It’s a nice product, but I’m not sure if I would buy it again.

Now, moving on to NYX… Basically I love it. First because is invisible and I don’t have to worry a lot if I put more product that I usually do. Okay, the bad thing about it (NYX) is that it isn’t waterproof, but it last almost the whole day, sometimes I just need to reapply it once. I’m actually happy with this, and I’m happier because it was way cheaper (lol) it was like $8, and it’s a great product. The brush is way bigger, so maybe it doesn’t has the precision that the Mac one has.

So finally, I would totally buy the NYX one again, but I’m trying the transparent version of the Mac one just to give Mac another opportunity because Mac is one of my favorite brands and I won’t give up so easily.

Ladies, I hope this actually help you find a new brow gel!

Lots of love, Lu Begali.


Face Mask


I wasn’t planing to write about this, but I needed to.
Okay today I tried this on my face and it’s completely amazing! It’s a clay mask that smells like mint and lemon. I need to mention that is actually one of the most refreshing things I ever tried on my face.
This suppose to clear breakouts and minimize pores and yes, it does. I could barely see my pores after I removed this from my face. And it leaves your skin really smooth too.

I tried this for the first time, and I’m buying the full version as soon as I get to the next HEB.

I just wanted to share this with you, because I actually like it. I thought maybe some of you would be interested on a great face mask.

Well, that’s all for now!
With Love, Lu Begali.

Ciaté Nail Polish


Yesterday I got this from Ireland & these nail polish are just lovely, I love the package & the colors lets see how it works later.
Ps: I’ve got their mini version.