A new year is about to start and what could be better than being organized? My sister helped me to make this planner and this is what I’ve been using for the last semester and it has helped me a lot. It actually works well for school/ college, so I wanted to share this with you.

It’s free so you can save the image and print it the times you want it!

Hope you find it usefull!

Much love, Lucy Begali.

PLANER 17x11


Pancakes filled with Nutella

Hello everybody! I need to share this with you. I made these pancakes filled with Nutella like a month ago, and I’m in love with these.

They’re pretty easy to make, and they taste delicious.


-Regular pancake dough

1. You need to make some pancake dough, use your favorite one, or whatever you want to use. Once you have your pancake dough all you’re going to do is pour it into your pan. Just like making normal pancakes.


2. Your pancakes need to be as thick as the image shows to continue.


3. Then, all you’re going to do is take a spoon and make a hole in the middle without perforating it. You need to this as quick as possible to avoid burning it.



4. Now, my favorite part. Take a spoon full of Nutella and pour it into the hole you made in your pancake. I used a little stick just to help myself and to make it quicker.





5. Once your pancake looks like that, all you are going to do is put a little of your pancake dough over your Nutella, to close the hole and to make it look as a pancake again.


6. Finally, all you need to do is turn it over and wait for it to cook well. You don’t want it to burn so be careful.



And that’s it! You’ll get to enjoy this crispy beautiful pancakes filled with Nutella! Believe me guys, this is delicious.



Love, Lu Begali.


Yogurt Drops

Hey guys! Yesterday I saw this on Pinterest and today I decided to try them.

This is super easy! It only takes like 5 minutes to do and they freeze really fast too.

You only need yogurt and wax paper.


Cutting a piece of wax paper the only thing you need to do is roll it to make it look like a pastry bag and obviously you just need to pour in your yogurt and make little drops on your plate which already has wax paper on it.



Finally, you just need to wait until they freeze and you eat them like if they were Dippin Dots.

Hope you enjoy it! They aren’t such a big thing, but I had fun doing them, and freeze yogurt is always better (or at least for me).