A message to depressed people.

Dear you:

You been sad for so long. You already forgot how real happiness feels like.

Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame others.

I just want you to know that depressed people get sick because their souls are getting ready for a great future. And once you get out of there you will be capable of doing things you never knew you could.

If you’re going through an unstoppable storm don’t keep the pain, transform it into something inspiring. A story, a photo, a drawing, a song. You don’t have any idea of how many people can feel inspired because of you. Even if you are not okay you can always help others.

Keep going. ALWAYS.

The world do not stops for anyone, and you need to keep going, but listen, to keep going doesn’t mean you need to do it the same way you were.

If you don’t like any of the possible ways you could took, then build one. Build your own way, but focus on getting better.

Give yourself a break from everything you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s important what you’re doing. Nothing is more important than your own health, and you mental health is not alright.

Do what you need to get better, but never stop fighting.

You have time, and you don’t remember it that often. You have time, and you are smart.

You are strong and nobody said it was going to be better from a day to another, so take your time and don’t feel pressure. Take the time you need but DON’T STOP. Keep fighting.

Remember that the only thing that matters now is your OWN happiness, not your family’s, not your friends’.

Don’t be scared of failing. If I did it, I’m pretty sure you will do it too.

Stop surviving and learn how to live.

Believe in yourself.

Don’t give up.

Oh, and I’m proud of you.

Much Love,




Beautiful Stars

Sometimes life gets really hard, it becomes such a cruel way of surviving and you can’t explain to yourself what you did to deserve those ‘things’, but there is a thing for sure: you become a fighter, you become your own hero.

Pain is temporal, to quit is forever. Let’s see it in a different way. We’re all rocks and every time pain attack us it’s because a special light is going inside us to shine on, to become a star, a star that will show others their way and that probably would get to be an inspiration. This is why it hurts so much, because beauty hurts and our soul is getting stronger, is getting beautiful, because we learn a lot after we feel a lot of pain. We learn, and we grow.

There are a lot of stars walking through the street, but only a few are shining in the sky, those are the ones that have been through a lot and they just keep fighting. The more we handle, the more we shine, but there are some of us that don’t want to deal with it so they hide from the light and never get to shine, staying as simple rocks.

You are not alone, you are just shining and people are scared to look like nothing by your side, just real stars will stay with you and you’ll shine together finally reflecting in the sky. Don’t give up and keep fighting.

Much love,
Lucy Begali.

PS: this was actually a note I wrote to myself months ago when I was dealing with depression, hopefully this could help others.